Internet Resources for THE 620—Introduction to Islam
Barry W. Hamilton, Ph.D.

Northeastern Seminary (Rochester, NY)

Introduction to the Articles and Pillars of Islam—an excellent overview of the  fundamental teachings of Islam, from the             University of Southern California.  Recommended.


Islam:  A Historical, Practical and Doctrinal Overview—an introductory article on the history and doctrine of Islam.  Includes a             brief introduction to the Five Pillars of Islam.  From New York University.  Recommended.


Islam, Islamic Resources, Arabic and Religion—contains extensive links on Islam and current issues, from the University of             Georgia.  Recommended.

Islam, The Religion of Allah—an excellent introduction with first-rate graphics, from Claremont Graduate University. 



The Meaning of Islam—an overview of Muslim doctrines from the Muslim Students’ Association, University of Texas at             Austin.  Recommended.


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